We are proud to be a general family dental office and are excited to be able to offer comprehensive dental care for you and your entire family! We are able to care for every person in your family so that you don’t have to run all over town just to have beautiful and healthy smiles!

No matter your stage of life, our compassionate staff will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Whether you’re looking to plan a smile makeover for an upcoming birthday or just want to maintain the beautiful smile you have, we can help! It is our goal to ensure you have a positive visit every time you walk through our doors.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children see a dentist when their first tooth comes in or by their first birthday. If you are the parent of a young child, this first “happy visit” is a great time for your child to go for a ride in the chair while you and your dentist touch base on early dental care and discuss brushing, bottles, and other common childhood dental issues. These visits also help to acclimate your child to the dental office and show them that dentistry doesn’t have to be scary.

If you have any questions about our dental services for your family, please contact us today at (719) 473-5122.