Founder // Retired 2018

Dr. Dobbin grew up western Kansas. He attended the University of Kansas School of Engineering, then served in the Army. He later attended The University of Nebraska Dental School. Upon graduating, he and his wife settled in Colorado Springs, where he practiced as an associate with Dr Robert Chambers. In 1965, he opened his own practice in what used to be called Southgate Shopping center.

​In 1989 he re-located to the current building and his daughter, Dr. Monica Dobbin, joined him in 1997. He has caringly treated 4 generations of patients and now, 53 years after founding this practice, retired in March of 2018. His pride and passion for dentistry and care for his patients has been paramount in the success of the practice. His love for his practice is only eclipsed by his love for his son Derrick, his daughter Monica, and his 4 fantastic granddaughters, Mia and Mikaela Dobbin and Sophia and Caroline Bricker.

Dr Dobbin has volunteered in many Countries, including India, Nepal, Samoa, Haiti, and several others. Upon his retirement Dr. Dobbin has already planned 2 volunteer dental trips with Global Dental Relief. He will be going back to Guatemala for his 4th volunteer trip there, and then to Cambodia for the first time. He also plans to travel anywhere and as much as possible for both enjoyment and to volunteer his dental expertise! He leaves his practice confident that his daughter and her two associates, Dr. Sabadell and Dr. McNickle, will continue serving our community very well. He thanks his staff, and all his patients, for making his practice so meaningful to him over the years.